BESW’s attorneys have decades of experience representing clients in private securities class actions and derivative lawsuits. Our shareholder litigation attorneys were trained in elite law firms, representing large public and private companies, and their executives and directors, in securities fraud class action and derivative lawsuits, and shareholder lawsuits related to mergers and acquisitions.

Given our experience in this specialty practice, our attorneys have also been approved by major D&O carriers to represent individual executives and employees in shareholder litigation and investigations, where there is the possibility of a conflict between the company and the executive/employee.

Our attorneys have also prosecuted shareholder actions, including class actions, on behalf of wronged investors of all sizes, from large funds to non-accredited individual investors.

From defeating or obtaining dismissal or derivative standing at the outset of litigation, to defeating or obtaining class certification, to the merits of the case, our shareholder litigation attorneys have it covered.